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QST Paper Stick Making Machine

QST Paper Stick Making Machine use pure pulp paper roll into paper stick, mainly used for cotton swab and lollipop.QST Paper Stick Making Machine is automatic feeding, automatic coil, automatic glue and automatic drying. QST Paper Stick Making Machine is fast production speed, high efficiency, high degree of automation, compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance and adjustment.

QST Paper Stick Making Machine cuts off the whole roll of paper by the length, and then rolls it up little by little from the beginning, until the whole section is finished, in the roll, the two ends of the paper stick are always flat. QST Paper Stick Making Machine consists of paper delivery, lifting, rolling, coating, forming, and conveyor belt delivery.



Paper rod diameter2.5-6mm
Paper stick length50-260mm
Capacity800-1000 pcs/min
Paper thickness60-100g/m²
Applicable gluePolyvinyl alcohol glue, starch glue
Paper requirementssingle glossy paper
Electric power5.5kw, 380V 50Hz
Weight2000 kg


Electrical configurations

Touch PanelSiemens
Circuit BreakerEaton
Switching Power SourceEaton
Proximity SwitchOtonix





  1. The straight roll machine only applies a layer of glue on the outer circle of the paper stick, so the straight roll machine paper stick is generally used in cakes, lollipops and so on.
  2. Adopt man-machine interface, intuitive display and easy operation. With multiple sets of memory devices, don’t need to reset the product when changing products.
  3. The parts are welded, finished and specially treated to ensure good quality. The machine has stable performance and long service life.
  4. The diameter of the paper rod can be changed through servo control.





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