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QSP-U Straw Packaging Machine

QSP-U Straw Packaging Machine is for bending flexible straws to “U” shape and pack it in film row-packaging. It is mainly applied to tetra-pak straw packaging.

QSP-U Straw Packaging Machine is an equipment that bends curable straw into U-shaped and pack automatically. QSP-U Straw Packaging Machine is composed of drive motor, film release device, transmission system, feeding device, sealing device, defective repair device, it is easy to operate, and suitable for tetra-pak straw packaging.



Packing MethodFour-sides sealing

Specifications of Packaging Film

MaterialBOPP film
Roll DiameterMax: 280mm
Width of FilmMax: 180mm
Thickness of Film15-20μ
Packing ShapeStandard 22mm (Pitch)

Straws Specifications

External diameter4.6mm±0.1mm
Length of U-Shape Model90mm (S)/105mm (M)/128mm (L)
Dimensions2000 * 1800*1600mm



The machine can perform feeding and folding with one part, it can feed the straight straw, then the device will folding them into U shape.

The mechanism performs waste suction, pressing and sealing operations.With High quality Aluminum forming roller.

The machine can perform sharp end cutting on the straw without the need for an additional machine, this allows sharp ends of straw to war in the same direction.



  1. Compact structure design makes machine running stable with high efficiency.
  2. With automatic wastage collection device.
  3. Automatic tension controller makes packaging more elegant.
  4. The packing speed is adjustable.
  5. Automatic counting, batch alarm.
  6. Single row packaging, bending, cutting, filling, packaging completed at a time..




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