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QSP-M Paper Straw Packing Machine

QSP-M Paper Straw Packing Machine is an equipment that automatically packs multiple straws into a bag. Only need one person to operate, the production speed can replace more than 10 manual operations. QSP-M Paper Straw Packing Machine is saving material and personnel costs.

QSP-M Paper Straw Packing Machine is composed of drive motor, transmission system, thin film automatic tension winding device, pipe filling device, automatic sealing and cutting device, finished conveying device, etc. QSP-M Paper Straw Packing Machine has a high degree of automation.





 25-50pcs/bag20-30 bags/min
50-100pcs/bag10-20 bags/min
Packing typeThree sides sealing, H type
Packaging MaterialBOPP Film
Length of Straw100-350mm
Diameter of Straw Φ2.5-8mm
Film max-width450mm
Film thickness0.012-0.05mm
Packing speed5-30 bags/min
Length of Bag100-400mm
Height of Bag≤80mm



  1. Multiple packaging, filling, packing is completed at a time.
  2. Automatic counting is convenient for secondary packing.
  3. The packing speed is adjustable.
  4. Packaging support from 1-100pcs arbitrary adjustable, special specifications can be provided corresponding improvements.




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