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QSP-I Straw Packing Machine

QSP-I Straw Packing Machine is an equipment which can pack the straw into a package automatically. QSP-I Straw Packing Machine has compact and simple structure with high automation degree and efficiency. QSP-I Straw Packing Machine can use both film and paper material for packaging.

QSP-I Straw Packing Machine is composed of drive motor, transmission system, thin film (paper) winding device, straw filling device, automatic sealing device, finished product conveying device, etc. QSP-I Straw Packing Machine has a high degree of automation and production speed, it is easy to maintain, and the maintenance cost is low.



Power1P, 220V, 50HZ
Packing Method3 sides sealing
Packing MaterialPaper/ BOPP Film
Width of Film/ Paper27-52mm

Specification of Straw

External DiameterΦ3.8/5.2, other size can be customized
Straw length130-270mm (Fixed)




  1. Automatic counting, batch alarm, can be convenient for secondary packaging.
  2. The packing speed is adjustable.
  3. Easy to operate and reliable performance.




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