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QRM Series Paper Rope Machine

QRM Series Paper Rope Machine is mainly equipped with a high-speed hand-rocking machine and a paper bag machine, which can quickly produce a round rope, so as to provide raw materials for the higher-speed machine.

QRM Series Paper Rope Machine uses a narrow range of raw materials, through the high-speed rotation of the machine shaft, to make the paper twisted into a rope, and in the form of a rope preservation. You can adjust the diameter of the rope to meet different production requirements.



Core Diameter of Raw Rope RollΦ76 mm(3”)Φ76 mm(3”)
Max. Paper Rope Diameter450mm450mm
Paper Roll Width20-100mm20-100mm
Paper Thickness15-60g/m215-60g/m2
Paper Rope DiameterΦ2.5-6mmΦ2.5-6mm
Max. Rope Roll Diameter300mm300mm
Max. Paper Rope width300mm300mm
Production Speed15-20m/min20-40m/min
Power220V, 1.1kw220V, 1.5kw
Overall Dimension1580*1150*930mm1580*1440*930mm






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