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QPS Paper Straw Making Machine

QPS Paper Straw Making Machine equipped with a multi-knife cutting system, work perfect for many different type and specification of paper straws. All Starbucks paper straw in Korea are made by our machine.


QPS Paper Straw Making Machine integrates automatic paper connection, forming, cutting and collecting. QPS Paper Straw Making Machine adopt CNC multi cutters system to produce paper straw directly. Paper straws produced by QPS Paper Straw Making Machine can withstand 100°C, and can be biodegradable.



Raw MaterialPure wooden pulp paper
Paper Layers3-4 layers
Paper Thickness (from inside to outside)120g/m², 120g/m², 60g/m²
Tube Thickness0.3-2mm
Running Speed40-100m/min
Tube Size4.5-12mm
Cutting Systemservo motors, 8 set knives
Cutting Length70-1050mm
Power Source380V 50Hz
Paper Roll Bracket1600*2000*1100mm
Main Part2300*860*1270mm
Collection Part1900*970*1770mm


Electrical configurations

Main MotorCo-trust (1.5kw)
Touch PanelSiemens
Servo MotorCo-trust
Electronic componentsOmron
Pneumatic partsAirtag





  1. Use PLC control, equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation, man-machine interface for the touch screen, easy to operate.
  2. QPS Paper Straw Making Machine has sterilization function.
  3. Won’t be affected by the weather and the glue.
  4. The product loss rate is greatly reduced.
  5. The final paper straw is harder than the other same thickness paper straw.
  6. The whole machine adopts servo motor.
  7. The paper straws can withstand in high temperature and be degradable.
  8. QPS Paper Straw Making Machine can produce both paper straw with glue and no-glue.
  9. No-glue straw technology have got patent.




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