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QPC-D12 Disposable Cup Making Machine

QPC-D12 Disposable Cup Making Machine is made of paper for processing, bonding, available for ice and hot drinking. QPC-D12 Disposable Cup Making Machine is safe, health, light and convenient. QPC-D12 Disposable Cup Making Machine is the ideal equipment for public places and restaurants.


QPC-D12 Disposable Cup Making Machine has automatic paper delivery, sealing, oil injection, flushing, heating, rolling, rolling, blowing and other continuous processes. QPC-D12 Disposable Cup Making Machine adopts multi-station rotating hot edge head, imported hot blowing device & control programming system, has the characteristics of accurate and reliable, QPC-D12 Disposable Cup Making Machine is the ideal choice for the paper cup business.



Machine with heater sealingMachine with ultrasonic sealing
Paper Cup Size Range2.5-9 OZ  (80-250ml)2.5-9 OZ  (80-250ml)
Speed70-90 pcs/min70-90 pcs/min
Paper cup top diameter45-90 mm45-90 mm
Paper cup bottom diameter35-60mm35-60mm
Paper cup height35-115 mm35-115 mm
Raw material170-230gsm Single PE coated paper170-320gsm Single/ double PE coated paper
General power5kw7kw
Electricity380V 3 phases or customize380V 3 phases or customize


Electrical configurations

ButtonOnpow, Chinese Best Brand
SwitchChnt, Chinese Best Brand
Main motor1.5 kw China Dasu motor
Knurling motor0.75kw motor
Open camMade in Shandong





  1. Paper cup bottom sealed by heater.
  2. Cup side can be sealedby heater or ultrasonic according to your requirements.
  3. With our unique original designed bottom knurling system, single shaft, Korea type, it ensure the low leaking ratio and high quality of paper cup.
  4. With unique Open Cam design, it would be more stable when machine running at a high speed.
  5. With automatic lubricating system, it will automatic lubricating to every moving parts when machine runs.
  6. Every cam will be harden to ensure it can run for a long time.
  7. Machine is designed with double turning plate.
  8. We have a special control system for bottom paper, if connect with air source, bottom would be in pace with the cup body, so its more efficient and “0”waste on bottom paper.




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