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QPC-C Series Paper Cup Machine

QPC-C Series Paper Cup Machine invented based on the leading technology, adopt the advantages of domestic and abroad technology, which is suitable for any paper. QPC-C Series Paper Cup Machine adopt Schneider inverter to drive the machine, Switzerland Leister hot air system for bottom preheating, and automatic oil lubricating system, vacuum pump to suck down the paper, together with the automatic cup collecting system.


QPC-C Series Paper Cup Machine use 2 turning plates to finish the whole cup forming procedure, which simplified the paper cup producing steps, and increase the productivity. It adopts the automatic lubrication system, sensor monitor, the mal-function auto power off function is more safe for operation. Bottom pre-feeding system make the bottom paper no any wastage, the utilization of bottom paper is 100%. QPC-C Series Paper Cup Machine work perfect for all kinds of paper, produce very stable and perfect finished cups.



Paper Cup Size Range2-12oz2.5-12oz8-16oz
Paper Cup top diameter45-104mm45-104mm80-104mm
Paper Cup bottom diameter35-75mm35-75mm50-75mm
Paper Cup height35-115mm35-115mm90-140mm
Raw material180-350gsm, single/double PE coated paper
Electric power11kw, 380V, 3P
Air consumption0.15 cbm/min0.2 cbm/min0.2 cbm/min
Weight2500 kg2700 kg2700 kg


Electrical configurations

Touch ScreenSiemens
ButtonOnpow, Chinese Best Brand
SwitchChnt, Chinese Best Brand
Main motorChina Dasu motor
Knurling motorgpg motor
Hot air systemBanko Brand, heating elements import from Switzerland, Leister





  1. Automatic handle paper cup forming at one time.
  2. Cup handle is using cut paper, easier and less preparation process.
  3. Paper cup bottom sealing by Banko Ceramic hot air system, heating elements is Leister brand importedfrom Switzerland.
  4. It is easy to make different sizecups by changing mould.
  5. Cup side sealing by ultrasonic.
  6. Double PE coatedpaper cup for cold drink as well as hot drink.
  7. With our unique original designed bottom knurling system, single shaft, Korea type, itensures the low leaking ratio and high quality of paper cup.
  8. With automatic lubricating system, it will automatic lubricating to every moving parts when machine runs.
  9. Every cam will be harden to ensure it can run for a long
  10. Machine is designed with double turning plate
  11. Equipped with automatic cup collecting stacking and counting system.
  12. Bottom paper we have a special pre-feeding system, so the bottom paper feeding is “0” waste.
  13. With unique Open Cam design, the drive system is conducted by the stable gear system, it willbe more stable when machine running at a high speed.
  14. Bottom is die cut and feed into the finished cup body directly, so it’s more efficient and less malfunctioning from bottom.
  15. Adopt the SIEMENS PLC micro computer system and also equipped with SIEMENS touch screen for easy and visible operation.
  16. The upgraded OPEN CAM for longer life span and easy Maintenance.
  17. Optional quality checking system




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