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QPC-150 Cup Machine

QPC-150 Cup Machine uses full servo driven technology throughout the entire machine. Servo drives work independently to control each station with remarkable accuracy and work together to coordinate the synchronized motion. QPC-150 Cup Machine replaced the gear/chain transmission and cam design paper cup machine. QPC-150 Cup Machine provides flexibility, speed, affordable capital cost and low maintenance.


QPC-150 Cup Machine includes paper suction part, cup forming part, cup turning part, cup top part, mold measuring part, cup bottom forming part and cup mouth winding edge part. All the drives are controlled by independent servo motor to reduce the noise of the machine, and more stable speed and accuracy.



Cup size4-16oz
Material170-380GSM single or double PE / PLA coated paper 0.25-0.5mm thickness
Power Supply3phase 380V 50Hz, 34kw (running consumption is 14kw)
Air Supply0.6Mpa (running consumption 0.4N m3/min)





  1. Paper cup bottom and top forming driven mechanismadopts crankshaft and servo motor control instead of traditional cam transmission, no oil lubricant, which solved the negative effects of cam and bearing wearing and impacting while machine running at high speed.
  2. Change the working procedure of bottom sealing.First Leister hot air preheating the cup body, then the cup bottom paper coming. This procedure makes fast sealing while the hot and cold paper touched each other. Then the second Leister hot air heating the bottom to go next knurling process. It makes the paper cup bottom seal more firmly while machine running at high speed.
  3. Use servo indexing mechanism. Servo indexing mechanism no need oil lubricant, no need maintenance, easy installation. It is more flexible for the machine self-adjustment while machine change the speed, even machine working in worse running conditions.
  4. Adopt the most advanced blank shuttle & rotary placer mechanism. Rotary placer mechanism pick and put paper more stable, which ensure the paper feeding to cup body sealing part more smoothly and steady.




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