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QPC-120 Paper Cup Making Machine

QPC-120 Paper Cup Making Machine use a cylindrical degree cam, and only one aluminum plate to complete the cup-making structure, making the machine faster and smaller. QPC-120 Paper Cup Making Machine has photoelectric detection, fault alarm, count and other functions. Through the automatic transmission of paper delivery, sealing, oil injection, bottom flushing, bottom turning, heating, flower rolling, edge rolling, cup unloading and other continuous processes to make paper cup.


QPC-120 Paper Cup Making Machine vertical shaft gear transmission, cylinder degree cam volt internal layout, ensure the transmission accuracy and high synchronous performance, so as to achieve the coordination between strokes, avoid interference with the movement parts, remove the chain transmission shake and transmission instability shortcomings.



Paper Cup Size Range1.5-16oz
Paper Cup top diameter45-100mm
Paper Cup bottom diameter40-70mm
Paper Cup height60-135mm
Raw material150-350gsm, single/double PE coated paper
Electric power8kw, 380V, 3P
Air consumption0.6 cbm/min
Dimensions2300*1400*2110 mm
Weight2100 kg


Electrical configurations

General Servo DriveHuichuan
Indicator lightEASTWOOD
servo motorHuichuan
Travel switch (adjustable rod type swing rod type)QSSR
Frequency converterHuichuan
AC contactorSchneider
Photoelectric eyeMatsushita
Button switchImaki





  1. Deliverpaper three times and adjust many times to avoid uneven on both sides of the paper cup.
  2. The slot wheel inside the machine is connectedclosely, and it is not easy to loose in the operation of the machine.
  3. The machine controls the oil lubrication automatically, eliminating the trouble of workers regularly increasing the lubricating oil, so that the machine can reach the optimal operation state.
  4. The whole machine automatically controls the oil lubrication, eliminating the trouble of workers regularly increasing the lubricating oil, so that the machine can automatically reach the optimal operation state.
  5. Different from the ordinary paper cup making machine, QPC-120 Paper Cup Making Machineadopts the full body square steel structure, which is more compact and stable when high-speed operation.
  6. The main motor adopts Taiwan gear deceleration motor and NSK bearing imported from Japan.




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