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QPB-T Series Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

QPB-T Series Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine is used for producing paper bag with twisted handle. It is suitable for the mass production of shopping bags in industries such as food and clothing. QPB-T Series Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine is an ideal equipment to make different kinds of paper bags.

The one-line process consists of twisted handles making from paper rolls and twisted rope, delivery of handles to paste unit, pre-cutting of paper on position of rope, patch position gluing, handle pasting, and paper bag making. The paper bag making process consists of side gluing, tube forming, cutting, creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and bag delivery. QPB-T Series Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine adopts imported high-speed motion controller (CPU), which controls the operation of servo through high-speed bus to ensure stable movement and smooth motion curve.



Cutting Length270-530mm270-530mm380-650mm
Cutting Length (Full)270-430mm270-430mm380-770mm
Bag Width150-330mm220-450mm250-540mm
Bag Width (Full)220-330mm290-450mm320-540mm
Bag Length225-470225-470380-590
Bag Length (Full)225-370mm225-370mm380-490mm
Bottom Width60-180mm80-220mm80-210mm
Paper Thickness60-160g/㎡80-160g/㎡90-160g/㎡
Paper Thickness (Full)60-160g/㎡80-160g/㎡90-160/㎡
Paper Roll Width440-1050mm630-1370mm630-1530mm
Paper Roll Width (Full)585-1050mm770-1370mm770-1530mm
Roll Paper Diameterф1200mmф1200mmф1200mm
Paper Coreф76mmф76mmф76mm
Handle Height100mm100mm100mm
Patch Length152.4mm203.2mm190.5mm
Patch Width40-50mm40-50mm45-50mm
Handle Distance75mm95mm115mm
Rope DiameterФ3-5mmФ3-5mmФ4-6mm
Patch Paper Roll Width80-100mm80-100mm90-100mm
Patch Paper Roll Diameterф1200mmф1200mmф1200mm
Patch Paper Thickness100-135g/m2100-135g/m2100-135g/m2
Machine Speed30-200bags/min30-200bags/min30-200bags/min
Production Speed For Bags Without Handles30-160bags/min30-160bags/min30-160bags/min
Production Speed For Bags With Handles30-120bags/min30-120bags/min30-120bags/min
Cutting KnifeSaw tooth cuttingSaw tooth cuttingSaw tooth cutting
Power Supply380V, 3P, 35KW380V, 3P, 35KW380V, 3P, 39KW
Machine Weight12000kg13500kg23000kg
Machine Size14000*5800*2400mm14000*6000*2400mm14000*6000*3400mm





  1. Use Taiwan WEINVIEW touch screen human-computer interface, making the machine easy to operate and control.
  2. Adopt Japan Mitsubishi PC control, integrated with optical fiber to ensure stable and high speed running.
  3. Adopt Japan Mitsubishi servo motor and German SICK photoelectric eye correction, tracking printing bag accurately.
  4. Raw material loading adopts hydraulic auto-lifting structure. Unwind unit adopts auto tension control.
  5. Raw material unwinding EPC adopts imported brand, reducing material alignment time.




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