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QPB-F Series Paper Bag Machine with Handle

QPB-F Series Paper Bag Machine with Handle is used to manufacture square bottom paper bags with handles from paper roll, paper patch roll and paper rope. It is an ideal equipment for producing paper handbags fast. QPB-F Series Paper Bag Machine with Handle can produce paper handbags with high quality in many different forms, which are especially suitable for food and clothing industries.

QPB-F Series Paper Bag Machine with Handle through implementing steps including handle making, handle application, tube forming, tube cutting and bottom forming within a fully automatic process, it can effectively save labor costs. The equipped sensor detector can correct cutting length, so as to ensure cutting precision. PLC system and adjustable dual-molds structure, ensure that the machine can perform quickly and stably, as well as reduce adjusting time for different bag sizes. Special bags collection platform and counting function, improve packing efficiency of finished paper bags.



Cutting Length270-530mm270-530mm380-760mm
Cutting Length (Handle)270-430mm270-430mm380-660mm
Bag Width120-330mm220-450mm220-540mm
Bag Width (Handle)200-330mm240-450mm240-540mm
Bottom Width60-180mm90-180mm80-220mm
Paper (Handle)80-150g/m280-150g/m280-150g/m2
Paper Roll Width380-1050mm650-1290mm620-1370mm
Paper Roll Width (Handle)570-1050mm690-1290mm670-1370mm
Paper Coreφ76mmφ76mmφ76mm
Roll Paper Diameterφ1200mmφ1200mmφ1200mm
Flat Rope Distance78mm85mm85mm
Flat Rope Width12mm12mm12mm
Flat Rope Height100mm100mm100mm
Patch Width50mm50mm50mm
Patch Length152mm190mm190mm
Flat Rope Length352mm352mm352mm
Patch Feeding Width100mm100mm100mm
Material Thickness120g/m2120g/m2120g/m2
Handle Roll Diameter1200mm1200mm1200mm
Paper Bag With Flat Rope Speed30-110pcs/min30-90pcs/min30-90pcs/min
Production Speed30-180pcs/min30-150pcs/min30-100pcs/min
Machine Speed30-200pcs/min30-180pcs/min30-150pcs/min
Cutting TypeSaw tooth cuttingSaw tooth cuttingSaw tooth cutting
Power380V, 3P, 4 line, 41.5KW380V, 3P, 4 line, 41.5kw380V, 3P, 4 line, 42.5kw
Machine Weight16000kg16000kg16600kg
Machine Size14000*6000*2400mm14000*6000*2400mm16100*6500*2400mm



  1. Use Taiwan WEINVIEW touch screen human-computer interface, making the machine easy to operate and control.
  2. Adopt Japan Mitsubishi PC control, integrated with optical fiber to ensure stable and high speed running.
  3. Adopt Japan Mitsubishi servo motor and German SICK photoelectric eye correction, tracking printing bag accurately.
  4. Raw material loading adopts hydraulic auto-lifting structure. Unwind unit adopts auto tension control.
  5. Raw material unwinding EPC adopts imported brand, reducing material alignment time.




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