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QLB-CHL Paper Lunch Box Making Machine

QLB-CHL Paper Lunch Box Making Machine is an ideal equipment for making disposable paper meal lunch box, take away boxes, cake boxes etc, it is high speed and easy operation.


QLB-CHL Paper Lunch Box Making Machine adopts automatic paper feeding, heating (with hot air device), paper former (sealing 4 corners of box ), automatic counting & collection, microcomputer controller etc.



Capacity30-50 pcs/min
Max paper feeder size480*480 mm
Max paper convey width480 mm
Material100-400g/m2 PE coated paper
Power3.5 kw
Dimensions1900*1600*2500 mm
Weight1000 kg
Air pressure0.4-0.5 Mpa





  1. Electrical components use internatioal famous brands, such as Omron, Schneider, Siemens, Delta. We also use PLC programmable controller and touch screen interface.
  2. High efficiency and high precision to feed glue,  the glue position on the box can be adjusted, running steadily and easy to clean.
  3. Full automatic box outing device (feeding, collecting & stacking), and fixing with counting, convenient for packing and save labor.
  4. Photoelectric failure-detecting system is available, if there is no paper or paper feeding blocking, the machine will stop autocratically by itself, it can reduce the cost consume, and increase safety performance.
  5. Paper is delivered into mold for folding and forming shape. Cavity has heating function which help to soft and erect box.
  6. The automatic arm will collect the box from the mold, and put it into the channel for stacking.
  7. Paper will be delivered to molding section by simultaneously two parts, the chains keep paper as straight as it is.




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