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QJD-400 Paper Bag Machine

QJD-400 Paper Bag Machine is made from rolls of primary color paper or printing rolls such as Kraft paper, striped Kraft paper, oil-gloss paper, food coated paper and other paper materials. The bag making process is from roll paper to folding, forming, cutting, gluing,bottom folding and make paper bag output at one time. QJD-400 Paper Bag Machine is easier to operate, more efficient and stable. Paper Bag Machine is an ideal equipment for producing various shopping bags, snack food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags and other environmentally friendly paper bags.

QJD-400 Paper Bag Machine is used for primary color paper or printed web paper. It is used to make paper bags with pointed bottom at one time. QJD-400 Paper Bag Machine can be used in various paper bags with high speed and efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for paper bag production. QJD-400 Paper Bag Machine is composed of drum feeding (pneumatic feeding, automatic deviation correction, tension adjustment), side gluing,printing paper electric eye tracking, base paper into cylinder, fixed-length drawing cutting, bag bottom indentation opening, bag bottom gluing forming, bag out finishing and so on.



Paper bag length120-420mm
Paper bag width80-240mm
Paper thickness40-80g/㎡
Paper roll width220-700mm
Insert Paper Edge20-100mm(2M)





  1. The whole machine is controlled centrally by PLC touch screen and servo motor controls the length of paper bag.
  2. Using touch screen man-machine interface, real-time work status is realized,that can be set by the touch screen man-machine interface.
  3. Ultra-precision Servo Motor control system ensures stable and efficient operation of the machine.
  4. Material loading and unloading adopts pneumatic lifting structure.
  5. Photoelectric sensor limit automatic correction control system, stable correction, energy saving and long life.
  6. Accurate color code tracking system, automatic shutdown for color code errors.
  7. Automatic constant tension control for unwinding, Servo Motor system, motor for material feeding with inverter.
  8. Main motor with inverter
  9. Can be stop automatically once out of material.
  10. Wheel type gusset unit with motor driving.
  11. Closed type automatic glue application and forming system.
  12. Side lay working table, easy operation.




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