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QFG-HH Folding Gluing Machine

QFG-HH Folding Gluing Machine is used for cardboard shaping and adhesive processing after cutting. QFG-HH Folding Gluing Machine have advantage of stable performance, high controllable, wide scope of application. QFG-HH Folding Gluing Machine can fold and paste various straight seaming box and bottom edging box.

QFG-HH Folding Gluing Machine is suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics, stationery and other ordinary cartons. Pre-fold section is applied to automatic packaging, fold 1 and fold 3 of all cartons can reach 180° and 135°, perfectly combing the requirements of automatic packaging together.



Paper MaterialCardboard, 200-800g E-flute /F-flute
Max. Liner speed280m/min
Feeding wayAutomatically and continuously feeding

Way of folding

Fold 1 and fold 3 are 180°and 135°

Fold 2 and fold 4 are 180°

Bottom folded and glued

Glue MaterialWater-base cold glue
Electric power7.5kw, 380V, 50HZ, 3P



Feeding:6pcs adjustable feeding belts to ensure easy adjustment, stable and smoothly feeding. Continuously Variable Speeder to ensure feeding internal and stable transmission. One-touch Pneumatic knife, easy to adjust the feeding belts.

Pre-fold: Double-board structure with a set of pre-folding knife. Pre-fold angle is 180°and 135°, especially suitable for small but high cartons, more satisfactory while rapid prototyping.

Bottom-lock: 3-board tracking structure, upper gluer can make bottom-locked box automatic gluing and forming, can be used for the special-shaped cartons. The entire bottom-lock part is installed in a reversible bracket, substantially reduce the swap adjustment time of bottom-fold box and the other types of box. Bottom-folding speed is 50-200pcs/min, stable and reliable.

Folding: Lengthened folding to avoid the unevenness while the rapid forming of cartons and make it come to perfection.

Transmission: Equipped with feeding paper inspection device. Equipped with impacting device to press the paper after accounting and make it easy to pack paper.

PLC touchscreen

Grinding part: More effective treatment of paper surface UV,the carton adhesive more stronger.





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