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QBH Paper Bags Handle Machine

QBH Paper Bags Handle Machine is mainly for the semi-automatic paper bag machine matching. It can quickly produce paper handles with wrapped ropes and, when in further production, can be placed onto paper bags without handles, making it to be a paper bag with handle.

QBH Paper Bags Handle Machine use two narrow paper rolls and a paper rope as raw material, the paper scraps and paper rope stick together, gradually cut off, forming a paper handle.In addition, the machine also has automatic counting and glue function, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the customer’s subsequent processing operations.



Paper Roll Core DiameterΦ76 mm(3”)
Max. Paper Roll DiameterΦ1000mm
Production Speed10000 pairs/h
Power380V, 7.8kw
Paper Length152-190mm (Optional)
Paper Rope Handle Spacing75-95mm (Optional)
Paper Width30/40mm
Paper Rope Height100mm
Paper Roll Diameter3.0-4mm
Glue TypeHot-melt glue





  1. Easy tooperate, fast production speed, can produce 180 pairs hands per minute.
  2. Can take the assembly line of automatic glue function, automatic glue function to replace the old manual glue brushing process, so as to greatly reduce the labor costs in the production of the process, and speed up the production speed, can complete a large number of orders.
  3. The unit paper bag can lift the heavy things of 10 kg at most, when the tension of raw materials reaches a certain level.
  4. Adopts Taiwan Huangshanhot-melt glue machine with service points in many countries, can provide the fastest service.




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